The Digital Platform

The Stronger Together digital board game is an app-based game that you can
download for either IOS or Android tablets or smartphones. The digital board
game target
pupils in the age 10-12 years old, their teachers and parents with
the overall aim of creating a dialogue about the themes:
  • Morality
  • Self-control
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Critical Thinking
and being Stronger Together
The game is played in two different settings: in class and at home.
The overall purpose of the game is to save your friends from becoming
radicalized by making good choices in life and helping others do the
same. Each theme contains a number of scenarios of which the team has to make a decision on what they find the best to do.
Thus, the game is based on collaboration and dialogue among the team players in the group.
Stronger Together project suggests that the game is played in class in

combination with the introduction to the curriculum. In parallel, we encourage

the parents to play the game with their children to foster a greater awareness
about the importance of the themes and continue the dialogue at home.
Download the Stronger Together game (beta version) on your tablet or
smartphone, and play!
Click the images below, to download the Stronger Together application for your device. 
Click on “Google Play” if your device have android, or click “App Store” for IOS. 
Google Play Download LinkApp Store Download Link


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