Project Stronger Together has begun!

January 4, 2019

This November, the partners in “Stronger Together – preventing radicalization in School” met in Vejle to begin the project officially.

The purpose of the project is to prevent radicalization among young pupils by developing a curriculum where the pupils together with their teacher and their parents are presented for important factors that prevent radicalization.

At the kick off meeting, the partners discussed these factors: morality, self- control, inclusion & diversity, critical thinking and prevention of radicalization.
The partners were inspired by three Danish psychologists, who presented their work on self-control, social positions, and cognitive learning, and introduced us to new knowledge.
Did you know that:

an individual’s self-control is mostly depending on his/her social environment? 20% percent is depending on genes and 80 percent on the environment.

most part of the human brain is based on instincts and only 10 percent can be modified – this is in these 10 % that our morality is placed?

it is easier to solve discussions by looking at positions – an individual is not the problem, but is in the problem? By changing his/her position we can solve the problem.

After the psychologists’ introduction, the partners reflected upon our take on the factors during a workshop, new ideas appeared, and we are now ready to begin first step of the project: to develop the content for the curriculum.
The curriculum will consist of five modules and a digital board game, and when the content is developed, next step is to concertize the game. The pupils, teachers and parents are not only supposed to talk about preventive factors but through practice discover that they are stronger together!


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